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       Thursday, 09-Dec-2021 03:26:00 Central Standard Time

Cablenut Update

By Dannjr

Thanks to mnosteele for all his time going through data, listening to people, and doing all the added leg work to help put this all together.

The update consists of several .CCS files that work with the cablenut program.

You can download them here. CABLENUT_UPDATE.exe
mirror 1 CABLENUT_UPDATE.exe

mirror 2 CABLENUT_UPDATE.exe

Why the update: The Cablenut program was written durring the time Windows2000/XP was being released and some of the settings needed to be updated. At the same time we had several users complian that they just didnt understand the program. Or like in most peoples lives dont have the time to become a IT or IS computer expert.

Setting that come with the program: The settings are just fine that come with the program. In fact you might use one of the original .CCS files and find it works just fine for your connection.

Will there be another update: This depends on the Economy, lost sleep and time. Not to mention we all have tons of commitments. If there is time there is a plan to get the current update to install to the current program.

How to use the Update:

Download it to your favorite download area. Save it to a spot on your machine that similar to your documents folder.

Scan it with your favorite antivirus. We send this out virus free but who knows what can happen between your home and ours.

Click on the Cablenut_Update.exe this will make a new folder on your system in the same folder it was saved to. Open the new folder and find the folder that is similar to your connection type. Open that folder and click on the NEW .CCS file for the cablenut program. The program will open click on "Save to Registry" close the program reboot and Enjoy.

Important NOTE: this update requires that you already have the cablenut program installed.

If you have questions on this or any other update please feel free to ask in the Discussion forum. Its much faster than emailing us. Plus its free and we dont spam.

 "Thanks to all", for your support. A billion served and didnt have to make change. 

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