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CableNut Help Page:

A "How To" on the CableNut Adjuster

  by CableNut


    This guide will help you understand the CableNut Adjuster program. It will also explain the CCS files that come with the CableNut program.

    If you need support with the CableNut Adjuster visit the discussion boards.

CableNut Won't Help:
  • Problematic connections, slow connections, heavily bandwidth limited connections, and congested connections.
  • People who do not want to learn, or who do not have respect for freeware software.
  • Latency, Ping, Response, Gaming Latency, and/or Uncapping.
  • Radio Frequency Signal, The phsyical network devices, and/or bandwidth limitations.
  • Already tweaked connections. Some TCP tweak programs are not optimal, but if you have applied a program like this don't expect any different results.

CableNut Will Help:
  • Connections that have normal bandwidth, latency, and network topology.
  • Configuration of optimal TCP parameters to ensure the most optimal speed over the TCP protocol.
  • An Operating System that is not already tweaked with a TCP "speed-up" application.
  • Small local networks connected to a broadband service.
  • A home user with broadband, or 56K access wanting to get a little more out of their connection.
  • Internet Explorer web browsing. CableNut sets specific values for optimal web browsing with the Internet Explorer client.



Backing up you registry:

Open up the Adjuster, and select the "Backup Registry" option.

    This will bring up a Save As window. Input your desired filename, and press save. You can refence this registry back up at any time, but remember this makes a copy of the "Entire System Registry" so if you get in trouble, and want to restore using this file it is most likely some things will be reverted back to when you saved the backup registry file in the adjuster.

    Restoring your registry file you just backed up is easy as selecting the "Restore Registry" option, and selecting your specific .reg file backup. This will take a little time to apply because of the large nature of the registry file.

Third-party Tweaks:

    You can use third-party Internet "Tweaks" such as Speedguides with the Adjuster, but we cannot assure 100% compatibility with these tweaks. Using a third-party tweak overwrites the CableNut values.

Getting Started:

  • Locate the folder named "CCS" in the CableNut folder.
  • Choose the appropriate CCS file that fits your connection (See below).
  • Right click on the CCS file and select "Apply CCS Settings.
  • Reboot for the changes to take affect.
  • Your Internet connection is now tweaked for optimal speed!

CableNut Custom Settings

CableNut Custom Setting files "CCS" are configuration files for the Adjuster program included with the CableNut Software. Default installations of CableNut come with many CCS configurations for different connection types.

Here is a list of connection types that CableNut Currently supports by default.

  • Dialup/ISDN
  • Cable Broadband
  • DSL Broadband
  • Satellite Internet

If you have a different connection type other then the default types, you can visit the CableNut "Tweaking" discussion board, and let the CableNut team help you tweak.

Many people e-mail us asking if CableNut supports such, and such Operating System. One of the good things about CableNut is that it was rigisouly tested on many Windows platforms to ensure compatbility

CableNut has support for the following Operating Systems.

  • Windows 95,98,98SE, and ME (Windows 9x)
  • Windows NT4, all flavors of Windows 2000, and Windows XP

Each CCS file that comes with the CableNut installation has a uniform way of dealing with different connection types, and Operating Systems. The names of the specific CCS files play a big role in determining this.

The definition of the CCS files that come with the installation are as follows.

  • "9x" means that the file is to be used with Windows 95, 98, and ME Operating Systems.
  • "2k" means that the file is to be used with all flavors of Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP.

Cable Broadband (Example: @Home, Road Runner, Optimum Online, and Shaw Cable)
  • File: cable_normal.ccs
  • Description: Settings for Capped users, @Home users, users who can achieve up to 250kB/sec on file transfers.
  • File: cable_fast.ccs
  • Description: Settings for Uncapped users, OOL users, users who can achieve more than 250kB/sec on file transfers.

DSL Broadband (Example: aDSL, sDSL, PPPoE, Verizon, Bell South, Pac Bell, and Qwest)
  • File: dsl_normal.ccs
  • Description: Settings optimal for users who DO NOT have the 1.5Mbit (187kB/sec) package available from their DSL provider.
  • File: dsl_fast.ccs
  • Description: Settings meant for users who purchased the 1.5Mbit (187kB/sec) speed package from their DSL Provider.

Satellite Internet (Example: Two way, One way, Direct PC, Earthlink, DPC/SRS, and Pegasus)
  • File: satellite_9x.ccs
  • Description: For Satellite Internet users (see above examples) who run Windows 95,98, or ME.
  • File: satellite_2k.ccs
  • Description: For Satellite Internet users (see above examples) who run Windows NT,2000, or XP.

Dialup Modem (Example: v90, 56K, ISDN, Phone line, PPP, Modem)
  • File: 56k.ccs
  • Description: Settings optimal for Dialup Modem users, other users who run ISDN, or third-party PPP connections.


    We encourage you to distribute your personal CCS files, or make backups of them for future use.

    The Adjuster will let your Restore/Backup your whole system regsitry, save personal CCS files, and load them back again!

    I suggest checking the Microsoft Updates on this site, for updates to your Operating Systems TCP/IP files. You'll find updates for your TCP/IP stack, and Ethernet.

    Router Firmware:

    The CableNut Team wants to provide you with the latest beta/leaked firmware for your gateway/router to ensure 100% optimal configuration!

    • Linksys v1.40.1 for BEFSR11/BEFSR41/BEFSRU31 Parts - Download
    • UGate firmware v3.07 for the UGate 3200 Part - Download

    Feel free to send us information on newer firmware for any kind of Internet appliance!

    Speedguides TCP/IP Analyzer is a great tool to help us at CableNut Software troubleshoot your connection, from time to time the CableNut Team will call upon you to go to there, and paste your Analyzer results to them.

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